Expert opinion: Home renovation in a post-Brexit London

With house prices predicted to fall and the high cost of moving, more Londoners could opt for improving the space they have rather than move. Robert Wood from London-based loft, extension and basement specialist Simply Construction Group says: “To date,... View Article

Refurbishment roofs

Over time, older roofs can become compromised, whether it’s a degradation of the roofing system and materials or damage by an external force such as high winds or falling objects. This can lead to leaks which may cause further problems... View Article

Asbestos in the Home

More than 50 per cent of domestic homes in the UK contain asbestos, as well as tens-of-thousands of commercial properties. Asbestos fibres can be extremely hazardous, and cause more than 5,000 deaths in the UK each year. There are more... View Article

What Brexit means for technical standards

Statement from Steve Rice, GGF Technical Director The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and British companies need to be aware of what this means to our market and how we will conform to technical standards in... View Article

Cylinder selection

When specifying for residential developments, it can be tempting to make cost savings on behind-the-scenes equipment. However, the quality and longevity of essential services like the hot water system are crucial. Heatrae Sadia’s technical support manager, Alan Clarke, discusses what... View Article

How to create a mood with colour

When you’re building and developing a home, you can become overly focussed on the external and structural aspects of the property. While these are the most essential foundations of a housing project, you also need to give considered thought to... View Article

How could the EU referendum affect the housing industry?

Simon Blaxill, the Managing Director of leading builder’s merchants Kent Blaxill, is worried that the housing industry around Colchester could suffer a slowdown if Britain votes to leave the European Union (EU). With the countdown to the EU Referendum now... View Article