Need for a planned approach to drainage maintenance

When it comes to drainage maintenance, many organisations are still adopting a shorted-sighted strategy which is costing them in the long-term. Contractors and facilities management professionals need to make the case for a planned approach, as Clark Williams of Jet... View Article

Construction industry prepares for downturn, warns FMB

Construction industry bosses are reorganising their workforce in preparation for a potential downturn, with higher levels of sub-contracting and lower levels of direct employment, according to new research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Key results from the FMB’s State... View Article

Strategic Land Group comments on IEA White Paper

Paul Smith, MD of Strategic Land Group, commented on the IEA Housing White Paper: “The IEA white paper raises some important points – it clearly evidences how the current system constrains supply and drives up prices, for example. It also... View Article

Will localism raze or raise the roof?

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) report, titled ‘Raising the Roof’, is thankfully not claiming to be the silver bullet to solve the housing crisis but, instead, earnestly builds on industry proposals. Penned by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Radomir Tylecote,... View Article

Making builders licenced

For a profession which affects so many people’s lives, arguably more than most others, the housebuilding industry is a strikingly under-regulated one. Doctors have a distinctly profound effect on their clients, namely (normally) improving how their bodies function. With such... View Article

The big question about climate change

The real question to ask about climate change is not whether it’s a problem or how bad it is, but what are you, and/or your company you work for going to do about it? Following the successfully headline-grabbing Extinction Rebellion... View Article

Upward trend for wooden hi-rise

Until recently, there was a growing movement in the UK to build tall buildings using timber. There are ancient Chinese timber pagodas which are many storeys high, but going tall with timber is something the western world has struggled to... View Article

No Cabinet consistency for construction, says FMB

Sarah McMonagle, Director of Communications at the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), said: “The slate couldn’t have been wiped any cleaner when it comes to the PM’s new Cabinet. Not one single Secretary of State or Minister who the construction... View Article

21st century features for 21st century homes

Building and developing homes and houses is one of our greatest skills and traditions. Providing homes for families and professionals can be very rewarding, not just financially, as it also offers a personal reward that comes from building someone a... View Article