100,000 new homes exempt from zero carbon homes standard

With the 2015 election fast appearing on the horizon, the main political parties are using their last party conference before the election to introduce flagship policies This weekend it was the turn of the Conservative party to release their latest policy for housing, with a scheme for first time buyers under 40 to buy a house at 20% below the market rate.

Should the Conservatives be elected, it is their intention to build 100,000 new homes on brownfield sites for under 40’s. At this stage the full details are not available, but one very important element of the plan has been announced: the new homes will be exempt from some Building Regulations and the Zero Carbon Homes standard.

BSRIA is supportive of increasing the number of homes that are built to meet the growing demand. Julia Evans, BSRIA’s Chief Executive, said:

“We welcome any move that will allow young hard working people the chance to get onto the housing ladder, however we have some concerns over the plan to make the new homes exempt from the Zero Carbon Homes standard.”

“We have ambitious carbon reduction targets to achieve and building 100,000 new homes that don’t comply to the highest standard will do little to help this. We are also concerned that it sends out a mixed message on carbon reduction policies.”

Julia continued:

“In addition to our concerns over the energy efficiency of these new homes, the industry is facing a skills shortage and we also need to find a way of addressing this and attracting new people into the industry or else it is difficult to see how these new homes will be built”.