10,700 new homes registered in February, according to NHBC

The number of new homes registered by the UK’s housebuilders and developers in February reached 10,721, NHBC’s latest figures have revealed.

This represents a 7% decrease on the same month in 2018. This year 7,550 were registered in the private sector (9,080 in 2018), with 3,171 in the affordable sector (2,495 in 2018).

For the rolling quarter, between December and February 34,199 new homes were registered compared to 34,723 a year ago – a decrease of 2%. During this period there were 23,105 new homes registered in the private sector (26,562 in 2017/18: -13%) and 11,094 in the affordable sector (8,161 in 2017/18: +36%).

However, despite the slight decrease overall in registrations half of the 12 UK regions experienced some growth in this period, including London (+17%), the North West (+11%) and the South East (+9%).

NHBC is the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK and its registration statistics are a lead indicator for the new homes market.

Commenting on the latest figures NHBC Chief Executive Steve Wood said: “Continuing the trend from January we are seeing strong numbers in the affordable sector but an understandable drop in the private sector amid the ongoing Brexit uncertainty.

“Regardless of what happens, NHBC will continue to ensure that quality remains at the heart of what we do for homeowners whilst maintaining our support for UK housebuilders and developers.”