2018’s biggest lighting design and technology trends

Once again, the biennial Light+Building expo in Frankfurt proved to be an inspiring and enlightening event. Showcasing some of the year’s most extraordinary new lighting design and technology trends, the world’s biggest lighting fair certainly didn’t disappoint.

For those working in the industry, the Light+Building expo is the most important date on the calendar, providing a sneak peek at the latest lighting design and technology standards. The atmosphere was electric, the crowds energised, the products showcased no less than mesmerising.

As always, a select few of the lighting design and technology trends showcased of the event stood out with particular prominence. Three of the most interesting and memorable being human centric lighting, new-generation louvre lighting and Sunlike lighting technology:

Human centric lighting
Lighting is known to have a profound effect on human beings. So it’s hardly surprising that the most important trend of the 2018 Light+Building expo was human-centric lighting. The concept brings about a shift away from traditional priorities – energy-efficiency, aesthetic prowess – to instead focus on quality of light and the effects on those using it. Research having shown that both the temperature and colour of light can have a significant impact on psychological and physical health, energy levels, productivity, motivation and mood. Human-centric lighting pays close attention to our emotional and biological response to different types of light. For domestic properties and working environments alike, human-centric lighting is expected to play an increasingly important role in interior design going forwards.

New-generation ‘louver’ lighting
At its heart, louvre lighting is anything but a new lighting concept. The technology and related design attributes have been around for generations. Nevertheless, the latest louvre lighting products premiered at the Light+Building expo are unlike any we’ve seen to date. The basic concept remains largely the same – diffusers being used to soften light output, providing quality illumination while remaining comfortable to the human eye. The difference being that louvre lighting is now being incorporated in more diverse and design-focused lighting products and accessories than ever before. New-generation louvre lighting is destined to appear in millions of offices and workplaces worldwide.

Sunlike Technology
The very best type of light for human beings is natural sunlight. Hence why the heavy research and development into lighting technology that can faithfully replicate the light emitted by the sun. Huge advances have been made over the decades, though the latest Sunlike LED by Seoul Semiconductors is said to produce the closest-ever light to that of natural sunlight. Comprising the most advanced LED lighting technology on the market, Sunlike lighting looks set to revolutionise the replication of natural sunlight. Already used in some of the most advanced lighting products on the market, we’re expecting to see a lot more Sunlike lighting worldwide over the coming months and years.