A safe clean sweep with LTP ECOPROTEC® treatments

LTP’s ECOPROTEC® range includes a variety of treatments for safe and effective maintenance of outdoor surfaces – from stone and porcelain patios, to swimming pool mosaics and surrounds. Spanning heavy-duty cleaners and sealers, to removers and restoration treatments, the British-made range offers a safe solution for all surface types – and all products are available from UK stock.

To remove dirt and slippery residues from stone and porcelain, best-selling options include ECOPROTEC® External Paving Cleaner. A viscose-type product, the cleaner clings to pavers and removes dirt, including green and dark deposits caused by plants and leaves. A bleaching action also helps restore original colour. Cleaned stone surfaces which benefit from application of a sealant can be protected with ECOPROTEC® Natural Finish Stone Sealer. The eco-friendly, water-based impregnator helps protect against moisture, stains, weather and efflorescence; it can be applied in damp conditions, for ease and speed.

For safe removal of stains, the range includes new ECOPROTEC® Cement, Grout & Salt Residue Remover and ECOPROTEC® Rust Remover, which both have a non-caustic formulation. The new Residue Remover shifts grout and building residues, as well as salt marks caused by rising damp and spot fixing. It is designed to replace conventional acid and can safely be used on all types of tile and stone, except those with a polished finish. Notably, it can be used on unpolished acid-sensitive surfaces, including limestone and travertine, without any risk of etching. The ECOPROTEC® Rust Stain Remover then handles surface rust removal – acting in just 15 minutes – and can be used on all types of stone, porcelain and concrete.

Also new to the range, ECOPROTEC® Blackstone Sealer & Restorer restores the appearance of faded dark pavers and provides protection against the elements. It can be used on all types of natural and artificial stone and is applied until the desired colour effect is achieved – from dark grey to ebony – and then ‘cut back’ to remove excess.

For free samples of the new products, and for more information and advice on hard landscaping maintenance, please visit www.ecoprotec.co.uk or contact LTP on tel. 01823 666213 or email technical(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)ecoprotec.co.uk