Altecnic HIU prepayment compatibility simplifies installation and cuts cost

Altecnic, the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of quality plumbing equipment, is cutting the cost and simplifying the installation of pre-pay HIU systems with its prepayment compatible HIU.

Designed to save time and money, Altecnic has upgraded the HIU firmware and added a connection on the HIU’s integral controller to allow for direct wiring, or via an optional module, to third party prepayment systems. In operation, isolation of the primary system is now achieved by the already existing, HIU integral electronic control valves. This means that the motorised valves, normally installed externally to the HIU are no longer required.

Designed with installers in mind, the integration is offering multiple benefits. Installation costs are reduced by upwards of £95 as the external motorised valve does not have to be specified and installed and it is easier to fit with fewer joints and potential leak paths. Building on its market-leading compact and stylish design, the HIU takes up less space within an apartment and can be installed in a smaller area, the wiring has also been simplified and it is now possible for all cabling to be out of site.

As well as being easy to install and commission, Altecnic’s HIU prepayment system also offers significant benefits to landlords. Designed to provide increased tamper-proof protection, the prepayment valves are installed within the HIU behind a lockable and insulated cover, therefore giving tenants no opportunity to access the system which could affect the accuracy of their credit reading.

In operation, if the system is in credit, the HIU control valves function as normal, ensuring stable hot water temperatures and controlling the apartments heating. However, if the system runs out of credit, or the landlord wants to turn off an apartments heating and domestic hot water, the control valves close and the heating and hot water services are isolated. As soon as credit is restored, the valves automatically return to their normal control function.

Altecnic’s national specification manager, Neil Parry, commented:

“The Altecnic electronic HIU has won multiple awards, but rather than resting on our laurels, the pre-pay HIU system demonstrates our ongoing commitment to developing products to meet market demand.”

“This prepayment integration will have real cost-saving benefits both at the initial installation phase and in the general running of the building. Local authorities, housing associations, landlords and tenants get a neater, more attractive, lower cost installation that takes up less space and removes unsightly cabling.”

All Altecnic SATK20 and SATK30 HIU’s now have this functionality built in as standard. The prepayment system and the HIU can be installed at the same time or prepayment can be easily retrofitted at any time in the future. All this without costly plumbing modifications to each apartment.