Aquabocci zero threshold door drains

Creating that perfect balance of feeling both inside and outside your own home at the same time with the use of bi-fold doors on to your patio, garden or balcony is not easy. Not only does it take a skilled designer or trained eye to create the desired aesthetics, but there are a number of practicalities – such as channel drains – that often remain overlooked in the planning phase. This can lead to spiralling costs and ultimately falling out of love with the whole project.

Fortunately, Aquabocci can help you with both the aesthetic side of things and the more mundane, yet absolutely essential, patio drainage issues.

Aquabocci knows that the key to an effective patio drain, balcony drain or bi-fold door drain is that they work flawlessly at removing any surface water and do not intrude in any way on the overall look of the set-up.

For this reason our designers work only with materials that provide un-rivalled grip, and do not show the standard signs of weathering associated with many of our competitors’ products, such as ‘tea staining’. We offer zero threshold low profile drains, meaning that there is no physical rise where the drain is installed, thus hugely reducing the chances of people tripping over the drain or anything else catching in it. Take a look at our products page for more detailed information on our products and prices.

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