Are your fire doors up to scratch?

If they are Vicaima 3rd party accredited and audited, then the answer is yes. However, if they are not, then it is worth checking the credentials and fitness for purpose of the door or doors in question.

Fire doors play a crucial role in both public buildings and private dwellings in saving lives and reducing risk to property. Of course fire doors are mandatory in public buildings, but are required only in certain parts of private dwellings, for instance the common areas of flats or apartments which are higher than second floor level or in houses with access to an integral garage. It’s therefore vital that only accredited and audited fire doors are specified and fitted, but the selection of the right door isn’t always easy.

Different manufacturers publish different test results which makes it difficult to compare like for like – so how does a specifier know what’s right? Then of course there are numerous imports – many of which are offered at attractively cheap prices, but do not necessarily have appropriate and stringent test evidence to meet UK specifications and regulations.

Vicaima has a long history and a respected reputation in its manufacture of high quality fully certified fire doors for hotels, apartments and public buildings. All Vicaima fire doors are identified with two key marks. Firstly, every Vicaima fire door is fitted with a tamper evident and fully traceable BWF-Certifire label which guarantees 3rd party accreditation and audit. The label clearly states the fire rating and carries the Vicaima name and certificate number. Secondly, the door will also carry a BM TRADA plug which provides certification under its Q-Mark scheme.

One area where fire doors are often compromised is during their modification by third parties, the most common example of this being the addition of a glazed opening. Vicaima leads the way by insisting that all its glazed doors are supplied factory modified only, thus ensuring that they remain fire safe and tested no matter what modifications are required.

Of course, when examining the performance and viability of your chosen specification it is worth remembering that it is not all about just the door itself. A complete tested and certified door assembly offers the safest and most reliable route. Vicaima Portaro & Easi-Fit kit and set solutions include door, frame, ironmongery and ancillary items to match every application and can meet the most stringent demands of fire, security, acoustics and design.

For many years the majority of Vicaima’s wide range of high quality interior doors can be supplied as either FD30 or FD60 (30 minute or 60 minute fire resistance), but in recent years it has extended its fire performance capability to other door models and ancillary items.

For instance the over height doors (up to 2350mm) so popular in hotels and public buildings are available as fire and security tested, being compliant with all relevant UK regulations. Factory fitted fire glazing is also certified giving additional assurance that the fire door assembly complies with UK regulations.

Ironmongery components are CE marked and certified for use in Vicaima fire door assemblies, and all door sets and door kits are compliant with UK fire door regulations.

If you want to be sure that your fire door complies with relevant, current regulations, then specify a Vicaima fire door, which is your guarantee of certification, traceability, and one of the best designed and manufactured door products available today.

See our recent fire test video at YouTube.

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