Automating a Garador canopy up and over door has never been so easy

Garador’s new GaraMatic Canopy Operator is specifically engineered to automate canopy up and over garage doors. It’s quick and easy to install, so automating a Garador canopy up & over garage door has never been so easy.

Historically, canopy bow arms conversions (which are used to automate canopy garage doors) have been rather intrusive and cumbersome designs. So the Garador engineering team have been working to develop a more streamlined version and have now developed the GaraMatic Canopy.

The new operator features an activating arm, instead of a bow arm. When in the open position, the activating arm sits behind the top edge of the garage door, enabling full opening height. In addition, the door is also fully operational when in manual mode.

Canopy up & over garage doors are an affordable and well-engineered type of door; with the benefit of a torsion spring at the top of the door and no tracks running back into the garage. The door is composed of one panel which lifts up and then overhead, forming a small canopy out of the garage door opening which protrudes approximately 1/3 the height of the door.

Homeowners may have purchased a property with a canopy up & over garage door, but didn’t realise that they can now automate this type of door quickly and easily.

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