Barratt Developments becomes the UK’s most recommended housebuilder

Barratt Developments has achieved the maximum 5 star rating by the Home Builders Federation in its annual customer satisfaction survey.

For Barratt to be rated as 5 star means that more than 90% of its customers say they would recommend the homes to a friend. It also means that Barratt now becomes theonly major national housebuilder to be accredited as a 5 star builder for eight years in a row.

The HBF survey is one of the largest customer surveys of its type, with more than 50,000 customers taking part in it. It was developed to give customers an independent quality rating of the new homes being built across the country, with the star rating a handy guide for customers to quickly see which housebuilders have the highest recommendation scores.

Steven Boyes, chief operating officer at Barratt Developments: “We are proud to be the only major housebuilder to be rated 5 star for eight years in a row, it demonstrates the importance we attach to quality and customer service. Over the last five financial years Barratt has increased the number of new homes we have built by more than 55% but we recognise it is vital that as quantity increases the quality of new homes doesn’t suffer.”

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of the Home Builders Federation, said: “The Customer Satisfaction and Star Rating Scheme is an accepted, robust and independently assessed measure of customer service. Achieving the highest levels of satisfaction is a huge challenge that requires commitment from everyone in an organisation from top to bottom. To do so whilst increasing output, as Barratt has done, to help address our acute housing shortage is especially commendable.”

For a full list of the customer recommendation scores from every participating homebuilder, visit activities/customer- satisfaction-survey/2017- results/