Bostik produces a range of specialist, high quality products that cater for a broad range of flooring jobs

The work involved in levelling a floor prior to laying coverings can vary from making good in repairing small patches of a floor, to putting down a smoothing compound across much larger areas. Bostik offers a number of specialist products to ensure you have the right one for the job. For example, Cementone Cempolay Deep is ideal for jobs where there are particularly uneven areas that require a greater depth of screed – up to 50mm – in order to smooth the surface before laying coverings, whilst Cementone Cempolay Ultra Strong is designed for applications where a greater strength of self-levelling compound is required, internally or externally.

Bostik also recently launched Cempolatex Floor Repair Compound featuring a market first “mix-in-the-pouch” format. Ideal for smoothing damaged or uneven surfaces prior to laying decorative floor coverings, the new format of Cempolatex Floor Repair Compound removes the need for mixing paddles and buckets. Water is added directly to the pouch which means it takes just a few short, easy steps to prepare – helping to save time without compromising on quality. The product also offers important health and safety benefits by removing the need to handle dry powder.