BSRIA celebrates 60 years of serving the industry

BSRIA is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015. Founded in 1955, as the HVRA, BSRIA has served the industry with verve and creativity delivering truly innovative solutions to complicated and challenging problems.

For 60 years BSRIA has provided leadership for the industry, developed people and skills, promoted the advancement of the industry, promoted smart technology and its introduction to deliver a sustainable future, totally aligning its activities with the Government 2025 construction strategy.

BSRIA supports its 670 Corporate Members and the wider Building Services industry by being active in working with the UK Government on policy development including being a member of the DCLG BRAC policy committee, OFGEM energy advisory group and involvement in TSB, KTN, EST and Carbon Trust projects.

With the Government ambition of making the UK the global centre of excellence for BIM, BSRIA is leading the Building Services industry with its involvement in the introduction of BIM, the development of PAS documents and the enhancement of industry skills.

BSRIA has interests both in the UK and internationally and promotes the export of British expertise via local offices in China, France, Germany, Spain and the USA. BSRIA is a truly international company with experience of advising overseas governments on the development of standards and best practice for their local requirements and with its market intelligence reports used by major manufacturers in the development of their business strategy. BSRIA through the international status of their member base has a long history of exporting the UK’s technical excellence to countries in all geographical regions including Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia.

Working with industry, BSRIA continues to be at the forefront of the adoption of the latest technology in the Building Services industry particularly aimed at improving energy efficiency in the Built Environment, from research work on the building envelope to involvement in the development of European Standards for a range of energy efficient equipment, including Heat Pumps. BSRIA led the way with the use of building controls to reduce energy usage, with its BEMS Centre to promote their benefits to building owner and operators.

Whilst BSRIA is rightly proud of its heritage and past achievements, the 60 year celebrations will focus on looking forward to where the industry is heading and the challenges that lie there. During 2015 BSRIA will be undertaking a series of regional roadshows and launching two new networks looking at innovation and horizon scanning.

January will see the launch of BSRIA’s strategic business plan, designed to ensure that BSRIA remains at the forefront of the industry for the next 60 years.

Julia Evans BSRIA Chief Executive, said:

“Over the last 60 years BSRIA has evolved, but the one constant has been the Association Members and a BSRIA team whose knowledge and enthusiasm have made BSRIA what it is today. I know that Members and the BSRIA team care passionately about improving our industry and will continue to work together to lead the industry for the next 60 years.”