BSRIA and NHBC working together

BSRIA is pleased to announce that it has entered into a relationship with NHBC that will allow both parties to deliver new homes faster, with immediate effect.

Within this agreement is a comprehensive compliance and energy related service for house builders.

BSRIA will supply all on-site acoustic testing to NHBC clients. The arrangement will deliver an improved and more efficient service, with reduced lead times and faster certification.

This will further enhance the value of NHBC SAP and EPC assessments, Building Control and warranty service that NHBC is well known for.

In addition to acoustics, BSRIA can supply Part F ventilation testing during the same site visit or Part L airtightness testing for residential areas and non-residential properties.

Chris Knights, BSRIA Compliance Manager, said:

“We are pleased to be forming a closer association with NHBC as we see this arrangement as a perfect fit for BSRIA, NHBC and developers.

This arrangement will allow industry to deliver much-needed housing in the UK faster – across the full spectrum – from part-ownership flats to executive homes.

Both of us are committed to the implementation of best practise within the construction industry and to offering a stress-free efficient service to our customers.”

Mark Gouldstone, NHBC Product Manager, said:

“This partnership will benefit the UK’s housebuilders and forms a key element of NHBC’s Consultancy and Testing Services. Having carried out more than 200,000 tests BSRIA can offer a full compliance solution and expert remedial advice.”