BSRIA places paramount importance on energy efficiency in homes

BSRIA supports the government consultation on a multi-billion pound plan for roads, rail, flood defences and energy, but observes that home energy efficiency is equally important.

The plan to make home energy efficiency a key infrastructure priority was proposed by the ‘right-leaning’ think-tank Policy Exchange (PX) last summer and argues that improving home efficiency creates jobs, combats fuel poverty, reduces air pollution and minimises carbon emissions.

The Association stated that unless homes are insulated, the UK will miss targets to end fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions.

BSRIA Chief Executive Julia Evans called for a “more concentrated effort” on making buildings more efficient. She said:

“Improving energy efficiency in people’s homes is essential when household budgets are tight. Housing is essential infrastructure that often gets forgotten after the all-consuming topics of roads and railways and, moreover, key to the delivery of the government’s Productivity Plan.

“Industry needs a more concentrated effort on making all buildings – homes and businesses – more efficient. This will have the domino effect of such financial and environmental advantages. Both of these aspects are critical.”

BSRIA offers a series of network events – the imminent ‘Future of low energy homes – Residential Network Meeting’ on Wednesday, 24 February to provide an opportunity for a discussions on this topic.