BSRIA reacts to ‘Ventilation in New Homes’ report published by Zero Carbon Hub

BSRIA is disappointed by the findings of the recently published Zero Carbon Hub report ‘Ventilation in New Homes’ which provides further evidence of a catastrophic failure of ventilation systems to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations Part F and negate the issues associated with poor ventilation including indoor air quality, condensation and mould growth, et al.

Chris Knights, General Manager, BSRIA Compliance, said:

“Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, the report confirms that there is a widespread lack of understanding, at all levels, of the importance of correctly designed, specified, installed and commissioned ventilation systems.

“Moreover, the checking of final testing documents appears near non-existent. The issues identified are not limited to systems ‘3 & 4’ as covered by this report, but extend across all ventilation systems. The report highlights the poor level of testing documentation available.

“A recent survey by BSRIA of calibration facilities also showed that less than 10 per cent of the thousands of airflow measurements devices in use, by both electrical contractors and commissioning specialists, for ventilation system commissioning and testing, were UKAS calibrated in 2015 in line with the requirements of the Approved Document.”

BSRIA agrees, based on its own experience at the commissioning/testing stage, with the findings and recommendations and echoes that appropriate measures must be implemented, including whether voluntary certification schemes are strong enough to be part of the solution. The inspection and enforcement protocols for this ‘notifiable’ work must reviewed.