Building the perfect garden room with Oeco

With over 14 years of experience building bespoke garden rooms throughout the UK and Europe, Oeco Garden Rooms has always prided themselves on using the best materials to create the highest quality finished products.

Here, Oeco Garden Rooms talk through the roofing, cladding and insulation they use to create their bespoke garden rooms.

State of the art roof panels

Utilising state of the art insulated and interlocking roof panels, Oeco’s garden rooms are built for year-round use. The 145mm thick five-layer roof section incorporates an external polyester treated skin finished in anthracite grey, a metal reinforced lining for stability, Kingspan rigid thermal insulation core, powder-coated metal internal skin and plasterboard.

The interior of the roof is also plaster skimmed to create a professional finish. The roof panels span a single pitch with a slight fall from front to back and feature black guttering and downpipes at the rear of each structure for efficient water runoff.

Western Red Cedar Cladding

Western Red Cedar is regarded by many as one of the best external timber cladding because of its variety of warm natural colours, high resistance to decay and its strength and durability. Featuring an array of warm browns, reds and pinks, Western Red Cedar provides a unique look to any structure and is virtually maintenance-free with a typical life expectancy of 40 to 50 years.

The Western Red Cedar tongue and groove timber contain natural preservatives that are highly resistant to decay-causing fungi and means that it does not need any additional chemicals or preservatives to keep it looking new.

The traditional timber-framed garden rooms are constructed on-site by Oeco’s professional joiners, meaning that the design, including windows and doors can be tweaked or moved as per the client’s request.

High-Quality Insulation

All Oeco garden buildings are constructed using the highest quality insulation from Knauf and Kingspan to comply Building Regulations Part L. This improves the energy efficiency of the structure, meaning that it can be used all year round.

Insulation isn’t the only consideration in building a bespoke and truly habitable garden room; it also needs to be able to breathe. That is why Oeco Garden Rooms use an insulated waterproof breathing membrane that acts as a one-way valve, allowing natural moisture to escape but keeping water out.

The timber-framed buildings also feature double vented walls, allowing air to circulate between the cladding and breathable membrane. This limits issues caused by poor ventilation such as condensation and cold spots.