Bureau Veritas concurs that a major teamwork approach is required to refocus fire safety regulation

With the recent review of fire safety in the UK having revealed an inherent number of ‘failings’ in the current system, Bureau Veritas has asserted that a major teamwork challenge must be overcome to ensure that buildings are constructed correctly and appropriately going forward.

In the ‘Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: interim report’ launched on Monday 18 December 2017, former health and safety chief, Dame Judith Hackitt raised concerns about the building regulation process including unnecessary complexities and a lack of a joined up approach.

For Bureau Veritas, a leading testing, inspection and certification company with a vast experience of the building control sector, the most pertinent points within the report lie, however, within the remedies for change – with an increased team ethic being central to this.

Andy Lowe, director of building control at Bureau Veritas, comments:

“As highlighted in the report, there is a major teamwork challenge to overcome if we are to negate failings of the past and ensure that buildings are constructed correctly and appropriately.

“However, as detailed in the report, a significant part of the responsibility lies with the industry; with professional and accreditation bodies working to form a suitably robust qualification system and greater input from the fire and rescue services, through to a more structured handover process between building developers and owners, and greater clarity by building control.

“For far too long, the many different entities in the fire safety chain have worked predominantly in silo, creating a weak link in the overall system – thus, working more holistically as a team is the only approach forward.”

While a final review of the fire safety report is not due until spring 2018 and regulatory reforms may take some time, for Bureau Veritas the recommendation is for all viable parties to take positive, progressive action now.

Andy adds:

“It is really unfortunate that such a tragedy, one that will never be forgotten, has had to happen to shed light on some of the weaknesses in the current system. However, by taking action now and working more holistically as a team together with all areas of the industry, we can refocus standards for the greater good and ensure grave mistakes of the past do not happen again.”

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