Cedral Weatherboard spurs homeowners into action

The Wheeler family in King’s Hill, West Malling, Kent, have become the latest in a series of households in the neighbourhood to choose Marley Eternit’s fibre cement Cedral Weatherboard.

Over the last few years a number of property owners on the development have replaced their existing timber weatherboard, spurred into action by the aesthetic and low maintenance benefits of Cedral Weatherboard.

Although the houses were built less than ten years ago the original timber weatherboarding on many of them is already in need of replacement. And, up until this point, the timber had required a high level of ongoing maintenance or repainting.

Cedral Weatherboard retains the traditional appeal of timber but because it is made from fibre cement it won’t warp, shrink or need re-painting or re-staining. That means it offers a durable, low maintenance solution with an installed life expectancy of at least 50 years.

All of the Kings Hill property owners who choose Cedral Weatherboard did so principally because it retains the aesthetics of timber yet requires no painting or maintenance, which made it an attractive alternative to both timber and PVC-U products.

Len Wheeler, owner of the latest property to benefit, said:

“The Cedral Weatherboard looks absolutely stunning and it was superbly fitted by Palm Building Services. We feel as though we have had the best product fitted by the best installers.

“We first became aware of Cedral Weatherboard when we saw it on a neighbouring property. It looked great and the owners said it didn’t require any maintenance and so we were immediately sold on the idea of replacing our existing troublesome timber cladding!”

The White Cedral Weatherboard chosen by Mr Wheeler is now a key element of the home’s appeal, creating a New England style ‘clapboard’ exterior that is found on many properties in this area of Kent.

Cedral Weatherboard is offered in a palette of 23 colours and four woodstain finishes. Being available in such a wide range of options, including any factory approved BS colour, means that all residents of Kings Hill can retain the individuality of their homes.

As easy to work as timber but with the durability of cement based products, Cedral Weatherboard has good resistance to fire and is dimensionally stable. It is very easy to install and the boards can be mounted rigidly with no requirement for expansion joints.

As well as traditional weatherboarding, Cedral Weatherboard can be used for a wide range of other exterior applications where timber is sometimes chosen, including soffits, fascia and barge boards. This again utilises the low maintenance benefits of fibre cement and creates a perfectly colour coordinated aesthetic across the exterior of the property.

Cedral Weatherboard achieves an A+ rating in the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Green Guide to Specification based on generic rating: Cedral Weatherboard – autoclaved fibre cement (calcium silicate) cladding – (Element Ref: 806220701, 806220675, 806220676).

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