Clearstone install modern paving for historic Middle Temple

From loose gravel that tended to get kicked onto lawns and into drains, Clearstone’s resin bound has transformed and restored the Middle Temple paths into smooth, wheelchair accessible walkways.

The porosity of Clearstone’s resin bound enables air and water to circulate around the roots of the 200-year-old London plane trees. And the flexibility of resin bound means Clearstone’s craftsmen were able to pave around the precious tree roots.

Clearstone installed 1572m2 of resin bound in Brewers Malt. They manufacture and install their own system using high quality UV stable resins, so can control quality and finish.

William Kervick, Surveyor at Middle Temple said

“People say the resin bound paving looks great and it’s made the garden much more accessible. Even the gardeners are pleased – and they’ve always had exceptionally high standards!”