Clearstone resin bound – permeable solution for high water table

From the off-set rain water was prone to lay on the surface of the heavy clay soil at the site of a new build period style property in Sussex.

The homeowners had decided they want a resin bound surface for its permeable properties – there are voids in the resin and aggregate mix which allows water to flow through – but on its own, would not solve the problem of standing water. The builders onsite realised this and turned to the technical expertise of Clearstone to specify the correct sub-base to alleviate the problem. It was going to prove a big problem for the new homeowners if they stepped out of their front door into a giant puddle. It was determined that porous MOT type 3 and open grade asphalt would not be enough and in addition a combination of traditional drainage was need. A capping layer over the clay base and a below ground perforated French drain to carry the water away into flower beds, was the correct set-up for the aesthetically pleasing surface dressing of resin bound aggregates, to create a free-draining elegant new driveway for the house.