Competent Roofer gains green deal accreditation

On the 12th July it was announced that Competent Person Scheme, CompetentRoofer, had been fully audited by UKAS and has become an ‘Accredited Body’ for Green Deal and ECO work. It is another significant step for the roofing industry, since the scheme was approved in October 2010.

The approval means that CompetentRoofer can now audit its members against the requirements of PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Code of Practice and register members as Green Deal Installers for roof insulation work, in addition to being able to self-certify that their roofing refurbishment work is compliant with Building Regulations (in England and Wales).

CompetentRoofer members who register will also be able to display the Green Deal Installer Mark on their vans and promotional materials.

Members will, therefore, be well placed to undertake Green Deal and Energy Company Obligations (ECO) work in the coming years. CompetentRoofer is already seeing an increase in the number of projects demanding ‘PAS 2030 certification’; we expect this to increase and in time perhaps becoming the norm.

The Chief Executive of CompetentRoofer, Ray Horwood said,

“This is a big step forward and potentially a huge business advantage for companies in the future, as homeowners, social housing, and businesses, seek to reduce the cost of their energy bills and comply with legislation.

CompetentRoofer is open to all roofing companies which allows them, in one neat package, to compete for future sustainability projects.”

For more information about becoming a Green Deal/ECO Installer accredited through CompetentRoofer call 020 7448 3189 or see the website