Condensate sorted with Grundfos CONLIFT

Condensate can be a real problem in certain situations, for example in applications that include dehumidifiers, air conditioning systems as well as in terms of modern condensing boilers.

At Grundfos we have provided a solution to these issues for many years with our range of Grundfos CONLIFT pre-assembled lifting stations.

This family offers 3 models, an entry level CONLIFT1 LS, the CONLIFT1 and CONLIFT2. The CONLIFT1 LS has a few less features, but still offers a range of benefits including easy installation, low noise operation and superior reliability. A big plus for these units is that they are also suitable for connecting to a domestic boiler PRV. This means they are able to handle high temperature (≤90°C) inflows for up to 5 minutes. All models in the CONLIFT range have been tested and confirmed suitable for connection to the discharge from a domestic (<40kW) condensing boiler Pressure Relief Valve (PRV).

The motor/pump unit can turn 180o on the tank which increases the flexibility of the installation process, a situation which is enhanced by the four symmetric well-sized inlets that means the unit can be connected from any direction. In addition this compact range can be installed either as floor standing or as wall mounted units.

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