Creating healthy spaces – signed RENSON®

RENSON® aims to create a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient indoor climate using natural ventilation and sun protection.

Acoustic ventilation solutions
High-performance window ventilators, louvres or the Linius® continuous louvre system of allow to ventilate your building without any disturbing influence from outside noises. The self-regulating flap ventilator Invisivent®EVO AK is almost invisible from the outside and from the inside you only see the internal tip lever. It offers a maximum airflow of 15.9 l/s/m at 2 Pa and a sound reduction in open position up to 48 dB. RENSON® also offers a complete set of louvre panels and acoustic Linius® solutions with noise insulation Rw (C;Ctr) ranging from 6 to 17 dB.

Wind-resistant vertical sun screen with Connect & Go technology
The Fixscreen® 150EVO is a truly wind-resistant and insect proof screen in every position. But there is more to say. Besides the current Softline box design, RENSON® has come up with a new sleek Square design in response to the strong market demand. The discreet bottom rail disappears into the box: completely up to a height of 2700 mm and partially up to a height of 6000 mm. This Fixscreen® 150EVO is suitable for all surfaces up to 22 m².

Terrace coverings with a bladed roof system
The Camargue® and Algarve® terrace coverings combine an aluminium structure with a roof, made of rotatable blades. The water on the blades is drained away. This water drainage also operates when the blades are opened once it has stopped raining. These terrace coverings can be equipped with lights, heating elements and flat panel speakers. By incorporating wind-resistant screens, glass sliding doors or sliding panels, they become extra outdoor spaces that offer protection against sun, wind and rain.