Dualflo, more than just a water softener

A water softener is a great addition to any home, from 24/7 softened water to easy installation, it can make the hard work on your project work even harder, for much longer – did you know there is more to a Dualflo Water Softener than meets the eye?

Dualflo Water Softeners are manufactured by the UK’s number one water softener manufacturer; Harvey Water Softeners. This makes them a trusty, reliable product that is built to stand the test of time. Whether you are building or renovating, there are many features and benefits it has that make it stand out from the rest.

Easy to install
As a Dualflo normally plumbs into the mains water supply, installation couldn’t be easier. Due to the compact design it will normally fit under the kitchen sink and supply the whole home with softened water. A water softener can be added at any stage of development; whether the kitchen has been built or not, it’s never hard to install.

Softened water 24/7
Even when the Dualflo is regenerating it will supply the whole home with softened water. Unlike most water softeners on the market, it uses a twin cylinder design that allows one cylinder to regenerate while the other provides softened water. There is no interruption, so the benefits of softened water can always be enjoyed; such as limescale free surfaces, longer lasting appliances and a kitchen and bathroom that will shine for longer once lived in.

Instead of using electricity, the Dualflo uses a state of the art water metering system that measures water consumption by the drop. This system then tells the water softener to begin regeneration, which ensures the benefits of softened water are always enjoyed.

No maintenance
Due to the non-electric design, the Dualflo doesn’t require any maintenance or programming. The simple design uses high quality parts that don’t need yearly servicing, once it’s installed – off you go!

Save money on bills
A Dualflo can save you money on heating bills. Over time limescale builds up inside pipes, softened water can remove this existing limescale and make the boiler work more efficiently. Brand new build? If you live in a hard water area, then having a water softener installed from the beginning will mean no limescale buildup in pipes, appliances and throughout the home. If you are renovating too, everything will look newer for longer.

Want to see what a Dualflo Water Softener can do for you? Find out how to become a Dualflo Pro www.dualflo.co.uk or call Ryan on 01483 924037