Fireproof balcony flooring provides outstanding performance

Neaco’s latest range of fireproof balcony flooring systems provides an exceptional combination of safety and durability.

All systems are manufactured from aluminium which is A1 Fire Rated and fully compliant with Class 0 of Approved Document B ‘Fire Safety.’ The aluminium is also corrosive-free, with a design life up to 120 years, providing maintenance-free use and far greater longevity in comparison to wood-based decking solutions.

Each option provides efficient drainage with no need for cumbersome soffits, hoppers and drainpipes. Offering a choice of grille profiles with a surface contact area ranging from 10.6 per cent to 100 per cent, Neaco’s decking is precision-engineered to provide exceptional slip resistance which can be further enhanced with an optional serrated surface.

Neaco’s balcony flooring features the company’s patented swage-locked construction which provides high structural efficiency. The systems are lightweight (1/3 of the weight of steel) yet strong and high in load-bearing capacity. Aluminium decking panels are typically around 16kg per sqm or lower, compared to over 25 kg per sqm for leading wood-polymer composite products. This difference reduces the amount of expensive steelwork required for structural support.

The decking panels also provide fast installation with efficient fixing systems and no need for welding or other hot works. Neaco also supplies full technical support if required.