Garador have got a garage door size for your opening

When you are building a new property, there’s a lot to do, from specifying materials for the actual build to obtaining approvals for the planning application. So when it comes to your garage it’s reassuring to know that you will be able to order a garage door in a size that will fit the opening.

Garador offer garage doors in sizes up to 5500mm wide. They are one of the UK’s most renowned manufacturers of garage doors, with experience stretching back all the way to 1948 when the first garage door came off the production line. They have been going for 70 years and it’s not just because they have a market leading product, they deliver a great product that will last and at a reasonable price too.

Garador Up and Over garage door stretch from smaller door sizes as wide as 1984mm, all the way up to 5000mm. Supplied with retractable gearing and available in a choice of materials that include steel, grp and timber, these garage doors are the most popular as the door is engineered for everyday use and will last for years to come.

Roller doors are also flexible in terms of the size of opening they fit, with sizes from 1250mm wide all the way up to 5000mm with the most prominent benefit being the ability to save space inside the garage, as the door curtain rolls up into a box at the head of the door opening.

The sectional door range from Garador offers the twin benefits of thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing heat loss and potentially contributing toward lower energy bills. In addition, they also go up in size all the way to 5500mm, and are therefore the largest garage door on offer in the Garador garage door range.

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