Garador looks at roller door hood covers

No one can deny that a sleek roller garage door on the front of the house adds real style as well as value. But there is a lot more to lovely roller garage doors than their looks.

Garador, Britain’s leading garage door manufacturer says one of the most important aspects that is often overlooked is the hood cover on a roller door,

“To those that don’t know about roller doors, it doesn’t sound that crucial, but they play an important part in the safety of the door, which is why we have full roller door box covers on both our GaraRoll and GaraRoll Lite.”

– Simon Hipgrave, Managing Director of Garador

Garador have put together a short and informative blog post to help everyone understand the hood covers available on modern roller garage doors. It highlights the differences between full covers, partial covers and no covers and will assist builders and specifiers when choosing a roller door.

They also offer a variety of other informative and useful information on their blog and website. Visit for further details.