Get Britain building delivery plan endorsed by GGF

Last week, Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive attended the launch of the Get Britain Building 2020 Delivery Plan which makes the case for using construction as a driver of jobs and growth and includes a range of recommendations for the next Government, covering the period 2015 to 2020.

At the launch, it was mentioned that the Construction Industry is bigger in revenue than the aerospace and car industries added together and the campaign and this latest report has gained cross-party support. The 2020 Delivery Plan outlines how best to deliver new housing and infrastructure projects that would result in 200,000 new jobs in the construction sector – according to the industry’s leading organisations including the Glass and Glazing Federation.

As a co-signatory of the Get Britain Building Campaign the GGF joins the Modern Masonry Alliance, Federation of Master Builders, Home Builders Federation and Builders Merchants Federation who represent the major players in the construction and housing industry from the manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, right through to both the large and small construction companies.

Nigel Rees commented:

“It’s important for the GGF to get fully behind an industry wide campaign such as ‘Get Britain Building’. We have been involved since the launch of the campaign in 2009 and we completely endorse this recent report which proposes a comprehensive range of solid recommendations to help growth and jobs in the sector.”

The report is designed to steer the Government in 2015 to 2020 to deliver a robust 5 year plan for the construction industry. The report’s core purpose is to help the Government meet its objectives on; reducing unemployment, growing local and national economies and decreasing carbon emissions over the next five years and beyond.

Nigel Rees added:

“As a significant part of the overall construction industry, all companies in the glass and glazing sector should support the recommendations made in this report. It stands to benefit everyone in the supply chain if the next Government accept and implement the delivery plan outlined. Of course there will be many challenges ahead but also big opportunities as highlighted in the 2020 Delivery Plan.”

The Get Britain Building 2020 Delivery Plan is available to view download from the Get Britain Building Website