Get spaced out with Garador sectional doors!

In modern buildings, space is always at a premium inside and out, and driveways are noticeably shorter today.  So it is no surprise that Garador’s Sectional garage doors are now a top seller across the UK.

These superbly engineered doors open vertically then horizontally on tracks back into the garage, eliminating the problem of losing driveway space through standard up and over doors, which ‘kick out’ on opening. Thanks to the vertical opening, cars can park close up to the garage door, a huge benefit in modern homes.

There is another benefit too…. there is no loss of width in the garage space, giving maximum parking space for wider vehicles such as 4 x 4s and MPVs.

Along with their great practicality, many choose Garador’s Sectional garage doors for their great looks. The doors come in a wide variety of surface finishes, designs and colours, including ribbed and panelled versions, elegant Georgian style and small and even ultra modern large linear, plus a full range of size options, including standard and purpose made, so here really is a door for every requirement and every build.

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