How to create a mood with colour

When you’re building and developing a home, you can become overly focussed on the external and structural aspects of the property.

While these are the most essential foundations of a housing project, you also need to give considered thought to the layout and decor within. Often it’s the interior that makes a home a home, and the colour of the walls goes a long way to setting the tone of the room.

Builders merchant Kent Blaxill stocks a range of paint and decorating equipment. Here they offer advice on how different colours can set a certain mood in a room.

Don’t shy away from white; it is the perfect base, and works well in every space. It is neutral and clean, and can give every home a fresh look.

Very much associated with warmth, red has an intensity that makes a lot of decorators reluctant to use it. It stimulates energy and liveliness, and contrary to its association with anger – happiness. Choose this for a living room or dining room, where people will be socialising.

Like red, orange has the ability to create joy and excitement in a room, and is also associated with welcoming and warmth. It is also associated with stimulating the appetite, so would work brilliantly in a kitchen or dining room.

This sunniest of colours is welcoming and uplifting – so is an excellent choice if that’s what you’re trying to evoke in the home. Try it in entrance halls, or a hint of it in communal spaces, to get the best effect. It is known to create anger and frustration in large quantities, so keep to a minimum.

Green is a natural colour that is often associated with the outdoors. As a result, it can be extremely peaceful. If you want to encourage relaxation, such as in the living room or the bedroom, green is a great choice.

Blue creates relaxation and calm, so is a welcome choice in any part of the home. It is also known to assist sleep, so a bedroom may well make a perfect choice. Make sure to avoid icy and dull blues, which may feel cold, or create a feeling of sadness.

Purple in many instances denotes luxury, especially when rich darker shades are used in the home – it has also been used as an indicator of wealth. Use deeper shades sparingly, and choose light shades if you want the calm of blue – but without the potential for coldness.