Interdeck the underfloor heating system solution for fixed flooring

Imagine the situation, a house is being constructed, first and second floor joists have been installed and to ensure the building work can continue a floor surface has been laid. The client or builder then decides that underfloor heating is required. Do they remove the existing floorboards or lay a low board type system over the existing floor?

The research and development team at Timoleon, the leading manufacturer of a number of underfloor heating systems have developed the InterDeck system for suspended floors, which is designed to allow a way of fixing pipework to the floor when it is already in place. The installation is carried out from the floor below. The InterDeck system consists of high-density wood panels 340mm wide for joists at 400mm centres and 540mm wide for joists at 600mm centres and is 1200mm long and 16mm thick.

These panels are fixed to the underside of the flooring with a minimum of three screws over the length. The panels have a heat diffuser on the side, which is placed against the fixed floor deck and pre-routed channels at 133mm centres, which accept the 12mm pipe on the underside, three channels for the 340mm board and four channels for the 540mm board creating a greater heat output at a lower water temperature. When fixed, the 12mm pipe is simply pushed home into the channels starting from the manifold. The system is then pressure tested in the normal way. All notching and drilling in the solid floor joist must be done in accordance with Building Regulations Part A.

When complete, a suitable insulation quilt should be installed in the joist space followed by ceiling panels. The range of patented products available from Timoleon have been designed, tested and manufactured in the UK and tested by BSRIA and where appropriate at TRADA.