Introducing .MAP by GroundSure

GroundSure, the leading environmental intelligence provider has launched a new online mapping tool designed for architects. The software, called .MAP By GroundSure, provides a flexible range of mapping solutions which allows you to pan, zoom and plot site layouts and export them for planning applications and site surveys.

.MAP By GroundSure was built on extensive research to understand what architects needed. An easy to use mapping interface and integration to design software, such as AutoCAD were pre-requisites. It also works on ANY web browser, ensuring every property professional can complete mapping and planning tasks quickly, saving time for other projects.

It offers a unique credit system, allowing users to view and scan the selected mapping area without incurring upfront costs. The system will also automatically add local planning permission data to check for precedent information on permissions and refusals, as well as, crucially, identify key environmental risks in the vicinity – all completely free of charge.

As well as Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography layer mapping, the gold standard for planning maps, .MAP also offers:

  • Ordnance Survey VectorMap® Local
  • Aerial photography Ordnance Survey Background maps
  • Printed plans and maps for planning applications
  • Access to core GroundSure products including environmental risk analysis and planning history

If you register before 31st December 2013, your first mapping order has a 25% discount. For more information, visit or call 0800 028 0000 or email this parenthesis with the @ sign)