Is London a Safe Place To Live for Expats?

As much as aesthetics are important when you’re moving to a country, it’s a must that you also evaluate how safe a certain city is to live in. By this, we’re not just referring to safety in terms of life. We also need to deduce how friendly it is for expat careers, health, and other factors.

So, before preparing and finalizing your visa requirement for your immigration in London, skim through the following sections to know if this will secure your living experience. We have prepared all the usual concerns and issues that you should know before a big change.


London is a safe city for expats to start their career or business in.

According to a survey done by The Business Insider UK, 69% of expatriates are satisfied with their job. This means that you can expect that you’re safe from discrimination, hate crimes, and likes from most workplaces. The said rate is also above the global average totaling 64%.

Not only that, but when it came to needs regarding jobs and employment, London ranks fifth. About 76% of interviewed expats that are still looking for a place to work for have expressed positive reactions toward their experiences. Again, this is higher than the global average of 55%.


In terms of health and wellbeing, London ranked 27th for expats. This is out of 35 countries in Britain.

Despite the somewhat low rank, the city assures that its health institutions are welcome for everyone. This is because of the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK. Hence, expats can rest assured that they can get equal and sufficient healthcare in London. There will be no issues related to unfair prioritization and likes.

Note, though, that you can only get the benefit of NHS if you make sure that it’s included in your visa fees. You should get a lawyer specializing in this field if you want more details.

Overall Safety of London

Overall, expats and immigrants will, more often than not, find London an ideal city to live in. Apart from the usual attractions that the city is known for, and the opportunities that come with it, it’s guaranteed to provide a safe place for newcomers.

If you’re asking about the security of a country, you’re probably wondering if it has high possibilities of discriminating toward you and the people you’re moving with.

 Although the chances of these happening won’t totally be eliminated, London has comparatively low related cases. It will be the least of your worries while you’re trying to adapt to the new country.

Another thing, London is popular as a city that is safe even at night. Recent news was also released regarding the continuously decreasing crime rates in the place.

Usual Crime Issues

The most commonly reported crimes and issues in London involve thieves. To be specific, pickpockets, scammers, and other fraudulent acts are prevalent. Tourists usually encounter the said issues in the crowded cities of London. Of course, expats are also high-risk, but you’ll know the ways to avoid it once you get used to the place.

The second most common crime is violence, which doesn’t have a direct relationship with the everyday life of expats.

One important note to remember is to keep your things in check. Use secured bags, and avoid carelessly wandering around unfamiliar places. You should also master the UK English Language to prevent unintentionally being engaged in fraudulent crimes.

Safest Cities to Live in London

To guarantee an even higher quality of safety, here are the safest cities that you should consider living in in London. See below:

  • Richmond
  • Walthamstow
  • Ealing
  • Notting Hill
  • Peckham
  • Highbury
  • Muswell Hill
  • Bermondsey

You should highly consider these because they have the lowest crime rates in all of London. Cities like Westminster and Camden, on the other hand, are known for their dangerous environments. The former has reported an average of 300 incidents out of 1,000 people, while the latter gathers an average of 150.

Final Answer: Is London Safe? 

Considering the details above, we can say that London is a safe city to live in for expats. Although it gathered a reputation of having a high crime rate, it isn’t as bad as some portray it to be. This is because the issues are committed mainly by both locals and tourists. The dominant crimes are also pickpockets and scams, which are still bad but not as worse as life-threatening ones.

If you want to look for even safer options, you should consider applying for a EU Schengen visa. With this, you can look into most countries in Europe other than the UK. You’ll also have more choices when deciding where to migrate to.