Mapeguard WP 200 and Winter wall adhesives from Mapei

Mapei is introducing two new products; the Mapeguard WP 200 and Winter wall adhesives.

Mapeguard WP 200
Mapeguard WP 200 is a 2-in-1 system – an anti-fracture waterproofing and decoupling membrane, made of soft polyethylene, for direct application under ceramic and natural stone tiles with thin set mortar. It is specially formulated to be used in wet and damp areas which include residential and commercial buildings such as wetrooms and showers.

Mapei supplied a waterproofing system build up for the apartments at Chelsesa Creek, London, covering approximately 7000m2 in the luxury apartments. The waterproofing capability of the Mapeguard WP 200 membrane system is instantly apparent  and the 200mm barrier combined with the non-woven fleece backing helps ensure both excellent adhesion and effective anti-fracture characteristics – protecting the porcelain and ceramic finish from stresses that would otherwise lead to fractures.

Mapeguard WP 200 also works as an anti-fracture membrane, which can help prevent cracked tiles caused by lateral movement or thermal stresses. The non-woven fabric ensures good bond strength of the adhesive between the membrane and the substrate. Developed in Mapei Italy’s R & D laboratories, Mapeguard WP Adhesive is a rapid-drying elastic cementitious adhesive, ideal for bonding Mapeguard sealing tape to Mapeguard WP200 membrane. It can be applied by a brush, roller or trowel on walls and floors ensuring a perfectly watertight seal.

Mapeguard WP 200 is available in 5m and 30m length rolls and is complemented with prefabricated sealing tape, corner pieces and pipe gaskets. The Mapeguard products can be used as part of a complete waterproofing system in compliance with Etag 022.

Winter Wall Adhesives from Mapei
The high performance, fast setting cementious adhesive Adesilex P9 has an extended pot life which makes the product an excellent winter wall and floor adhesive.

The cement based, rapid setting, flexible adhesive can be used for interior and exterior application when installing porcelain, ceramic or non-moisture sensitive natural stone materials to floors and walls. Adsilex P9 express is an improved formula, fast setting, cementitous, non-slip adhesive classed as C2FT.

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