Mapei launch new training video for Ultralite adhesive

Mapei has launched a new training video for Ultralite adhesive; a range of lightweight adhesives specially formulated for use with large format tiles. The video shows the step-by-step installation technique for installing large format tiles on to a wall and floor space.

The range of Ultralite adhesives are one-component, high-performance, high yield, flexible and lightweight. Jason Brunt, Mapei’s Product Manager for Ceramic products commented:

“At Mapei we understand the reluctance for the installer in fixing these materials, but with good practices and the right adhesive we should all embrace advancement and change.”

With no vertical slip, a long pot life and a long open time, very low VOCs and up to 80 per cent higher yield than standard adhesives, Ultralite adhesives have been specified for a range of commercial and residential projects.

As shown in the video, the adhesive is easy to apply by trowel for installation of ceramic, stone and thin porcelain.

Bill Harrison, Senior Technical Advisor for Ceramics at Mapei commented:

“We at Mapei are very aware of the greater technical expertise required in fixing such large format, thin porcelain tiles. We are therefore proud to provide the necessary Ultralite products to enable the fixer to overcome any installation issues and have confidence in what they are being asked to achieve.”

View the video now @MapeiUKLtd social media.

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