Marley Eternit launches new clip to help meet BS 8612 Standard

New Batten End Clip makes dry verge fixing easier – Marley Eternit has launched an innovative Batten End Clip, designed to make it easier for roofers to install dry verges in accordance with the new British Standard.

The new clip has been developed specifically to meet new dry verge fixing requirements outlined in BS 8612: Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling, which came into force on 31 January.  As well as introducing minimum performance criteria, the new British Standard states that dry verge products can no longer be installed just with a nail fixing into the end grain of the batten.  Instead, mechanical engagement must be on the faces of the batten.

Marley Eternit’s new c-shaped clip is a quick and easy way of complying with BS 8612, providing a strong fix.  The clip is designed to fit securely onto the end of the batten, with a robust metal plate for the dry verge to be fixed into, keeping the nail locked into place.

Alex Gill from Marley Eternit, explains:

“Our new clip requires no nails and has sharp teeth which grip into the batten, making it extremely secure, as well as being very quick to hammer into place.”

The new batten end clip also features a larger metal face plate, with multiple holes, to make alignment much simpler.

Alex Gill adds:

“There are many different dry verge products on the market, with varying levels of performance. The new British Standard addresses some of the concerns the industry had not only about inconsistencies between the quality of products, but also ensuring the systems are easy to fix correctly and securely.

“Our new dry verge product was launched last year to make it even quicker for roofers to install and now we are now offering the batten end clips and fixing instructions, to make it easy for roofers to comply with both BS 5534 and the new BS 8612 requirements.”

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