Marley Eternit scores another first with Cedral Click

Marley Eternit is continuing to push the boundaries of design and performance in the UK fibre cement weatherboard market with the launch of Cedral Click.

Cedral Click means Marley Eternit is the first to bring an innovative new low maintenance, fibre cement tongue and groove weatherboard product to the UK. The range offers a contemporary take on the traditional style of Cedral Weatherboard.

The range features the appealing textured surface finish and performance benefits of fibre cement weatherboard and is fitted in a contemporary flat finish. Cedral Click will therefore appeal to those looking for the enduring weatherboard style, but which compliments a modern architectural aesthetic.

Fitted using a simple clip system, it is easy and quick to install making it ideal for both new and refurbishment projects where time constraints are a factor.

Cedral Click offers ongoing low maintenance, avoiding the issues associated with painted timber, such as flaking and warping. As well as cladding, the planks can be used as a low maintenance alternative to timber on applications such as window surrounds and roofline.

Available in seven popular colours, Cedral Click is offered with a range of colour matching aluminium trims for ease of installation and to retain a high level of detailing across the facade.

“We are the first fibre cement manufacturer to launch a flat aesthetic weatherboarding system. Our new Cedral Click provides customers with a contemporary look that can only currently be achieved with timber, yet without all the maintenance issues,”

said Diana Bullock, Campaign Manager at Marley Eternit.

“We have carefully selected colours that will appeal to architects and developers.”

The Cedral Click planks are easy to install and require no specialist skills on-site. They can be fitted in a variety of designs from a classic horizontal arrangement through to alternating vertically placed planks. The planks are 12mm x 190mm x 3600mm.

Cedral Click and Cedral Weatherboard have an installed life expectancy of at least 50 years and will not warp or shrink. In addition, they have a fire classifications A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1.

Both Cedral Click and Cedral Weatherboard can contribute to the sustainability of a development because they can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Green Guide to Specification based on generic rating: autoclaved fibre cement (calcium silicate) cladding – (Element Ref: 806220701, 806220675, 806220676).

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