Marley’s Ashdowne – A ‘hand-made’ evolution

Marley has launched an enhanced Ashdowne clay handcrafted range, following manufacturing innovations.  Thanks to advancements in processing technology, the new Ashdowne tiles feature subtle distressed edges and irregularities, replicating a hand-made tile aesthetic.

The evolution of this popular tile enables contractors to achieve a unique, hand-made look, with all the benefits and cost effectiveness of a machine-made clay tile. In addition, the Ashdowne range is fully compatible with the Marley full roof system, complemented by a range of fittings and accessories, and covered by a 15-year guarantee.

Marley’s Ashdowne handcrafted tiles have variegations and distressed edges, giving each one a unique character. Available in two colour options – Ashurst and Aylesham Mix – the tiles can create the warmth and character of a traditional hand-made roof.

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