Materials 2017 – Celebrating Form, Functionality, and Finishes

Materials 2017 – the new conference and exhibition focused entirely on the cutting-edge of material solutions for architecture, construction, and design – was conceived from the burning necessity for a nuanced perspective on building product specification and procurement.

Sustainability, cost, life-cycle performance, thermal and acoustic efficiency, and potential for re-use and recycling are just some of the variable characteristics which must be taken into account when choosing materials for a project. Materials 2017 delivers a transparent platform where construction professionals can gain confidence in their specification choices down to the last of these details.

In addition to showcasing striking aesthetic designs created with different materials, the conference and exhibition will explore functionalities of materials which extend beyond the visual. The emphasis on materials for structures, envelope, façades and finishes is testament to the fact that Materials 2017 adopts a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to architects’ needs.

Materials 2017 Chair and Moderator Ruth Slavid said:

“I think it’s really important to have an event that focuses on materials. Architects, of course, talk about form, space, and light, but in order to create those you have to create them with the materials – whether they’re structural materials or the building envelope.”

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