Minus7 technology breathes new life into Victorian School

Built in 1897 for £3000, St Marks Boys School in Hall Road, Norwich has been quietly refurbished into eight stunning energy efficient apartments by Lomax Builders Ltd.

Using Minus7 technology, Lomax Builders have been able to provide low carbon heating and hot water to tenants at minimal running costs, enabling them to charge a reduced price for heat and create an additional revenue stream.

Meeting the highest environmental and sustainability targets Discovered at EcoBuild by David Lomax, Minus7 is an award-winning building integrated technology made up of 3 parts: An energy collecting roof, a solar energy processor and thermal stores. As the solar thermal tileplanks work with conventional roof construction methods, they blend in seamlessly and there is no need for ugly bolt-ons or expensive back up systems.

Weighing 27 kilos per square metre – the equivalent of Welsh slate – two areas of the roof have been replaced with Minus7 tileplanks in slate grey. A total area of 93.6m² has been covered with an output of 64 kilowatt hours. Three thermal stores holding 12,000 litres of water have been completely hidden under an area of decking in the courtyard. The distinctive Victorian character of St Mark’s boys school has been retained whilst meeting the highest environmental and sustainability targets.

Appealingly simple for tenants 
Available to rent from £875 – £1100 PCM, all apartments have been quickly filled with happy tenants who have not noticed anything different about the way the system works as a standard timer and thermostat controls it.

Whilst the modular nature of the technology ensures that heating and hot water demands can be met 100% of the time, remote monitoring services provides complete transparency of the energy generated, used and stored. It also allows the Minus7 after-care service team to proactively ensure the system is working as efficiently as possible, without disrupting tenants.

“With so many choices on the market, it’s hard to know what you’re getting” said David Lomax, “but Minus7 have been really good, when people ask me, would you use them again? I say Yes!”

Interestingly, David and his team have been so impressed with Minus7’s system performance and customer care that they are now waiting to start their next development in order to utilise the next generation of Minus7’s technology.

Launching latest innovation at EcoBuild 2016 Already designed to harvest thermal energy day and night efficiently at temperatures as low as Minus 7ºC, the latest innovation will go even further.

A new composite design of Minus7 solar endothermic tileplanks will embed photovoltaic technology without compromising their appearance. This latest innovation makes much more effective use of valuable roof space and almost doubles the output of the system per square metre. Allowing Minus7 to offer a zero net carbon solution with zero net running costs, by design.

Zero net carbon; zero net running costs by design:
Minus7 have recently obtained capital investment to expand the core team to 15 employees and create the next generation of the technology. This will be demonstrated at Stand E1240 at the EcoBuild exhibition at the ExCel Centre in London from 8th – 10th March 2016.