New homes drive investment in Bedfordshire

New homes being built on a former General Motors site will fuel multimillion pound investment in the Bedfordshire area, according to housebuilder Redrow.

The company has pledged to invest in the neighbourhood as part of its Caddington Woods development, between the villages of Chaul End and Caddington.

Schools, healthcare, local infrastructure and sports and leisure facilities will share funding of around £3.2 million from Redrow.

The housebuilder will also provide new facilities including a community building and play areas and will build affordable homes as part of the scheme.

According to Tonia Tyler, sales director for Redrow Homes (South Midlands), the first phase of the housing development will feature 80 private sale properties and 33 affordable homes.

She said:

“While our core business is building new homes to help address the housing shortage, we’re also keen to ensure that our developments are sustainable.

“For example, we’ll be giving more than £1.6 million towards education and will gift around £400,000 to health care. Approximately £470,000 will be allocated to sports and leisure, with just under £720,000 to be divided between green infrastructure, public rights of way and highways improvement plus policing, refuse and recycling.”

On top of this, Caddington Woods is just one of the spots selected to reintroduce wildlife-friendly habitats to land previously unsupportive of flora and fauna as part of Redrow’s partnership with the RSPB.

A new community land trust will use the income from some of the affordable homes on the development to manage open space and community facilities, including a low carbon community building, sport facilities and play areas. It will also run a community bus providing a link between the new neighbourhood and the surrounding area.

“The centre of the site will be home to a community building of at least 400 square metres. There will also be a multi-use games area, local equipped area for play and an ornate duck pond,” Tonia adds.

“We’ll also be making the existing woodland around the outside of the site more accessible to the public.”

The first homes at Caddington Woods will be released for sale on 19 March and prices will be announced at the launch.