New livery drives Norbord’s ‘Better By Nature’ message home

Norbord’s new innovative “Better By Nature” campaign, explained in a brand new website,, encapsulates the company’s commitment to the environment and, in particular, the protection of the UK’s forests. Norbord is a leading voice in the biomass debate which has put the Government and DECC under pressure to review the Renewables Obligation which incentivises the burning of wood to create electricity.

Now there is no excuse not to have heard of the campaign as the new company livery ensures that the message is driven home – literally!

As one of the largest producers of panel products in Europe, Norbord is embracing the responsibility of being at the forefront of environmental initiatives, as well as social, internal and health and safety programmes.

Karl Morris from Norbord comments

“Within our industry, we are well known for championing wood-related issues, from the iniquitous misuse of Britain’s forests as a resource, to legislation that protects the world’s rainforests. Norbord’s Better By Nature initiative is designed to spread the word to a wider audience. We are intent on developing the initiatives so that the message grows and evolves. Our new vehicle livery is just one example.”