NICEIC launches revolutionary new advert to promote electrical safety in the home

A revolutionary approach to the warnings of electrical safety has been launched today by leading certification body for electricians, NICEIC. The new TV and online commercial has been created to raise awareness of the electrical dangers faced in the home.

Following extensive research on the public awareness of electrical safety, NICEIC found that 49% of homeowners in the UK have never had, or do not know when their electrics were checked. The study revealed that the majority of people take electricity in their homes for granted, simply because it’s invisible.

Between 2010 and 2015, in England alone, there were more than 36 000 accidental fires in the home where the contributing factor was electricity.

The commercial encourages viewers to get their electrics checked by an NICEIC registered electrician now rather than later.

“This is an exciting first for NICEIC as it is the first time we have ever produced a TV ready commercial” commented Mark Smith, Marketing and Communications Director for NICEIC.

“This is the first time that anyone has shown, using CGI, the flow of electricity around the home and we hope it will encourage people to get their electrics checked. We are committed to promoting our contractors in new and innovative ways that recognises the specialist work they do.”

Using top of the range CGI graphics, the commercial called The Cage shows a homeowner oblivious to the wall of electrical currents surrounding her. With the message “If you could see what an electrician sees”, it is designed to make people aware of the electrics in their home.

The commercial was produced by Birmingham based design agency RBH. Jon Nealon, director at RBH added: “Raising awareness of the inherent dangers of faulty electrics and encouraging consumers to get these invisible threats checked was the overriding thought process behind the commercial. Rather than featuring the cliché of exploding appliances we wanted to take a softer and more considered approach around the warmth of a regular lounge setting. We are proud to be promoting this safety message in a first for NICEIC.”

The commercial is available to view online now at