Norbord launches new nationwide SterlingOSB merchant campaign

Following success of last two years, the industry-wide, national campaign again gives builders and merchants alike the tools they need to maintain the Sterling job in 2017 and encourage sales

“More winners, more prizes, more often”
Following a successful 30th birthday year in 2015, 2016 also saw great results from the now-established SterlingOSB brand campaign; sales increased by 24 per cent. The new offering continues in the same successful vein with a new campaign designed to optimise sales of the stalwart panel through builders’ merchants in 2017.

The industry-wide, national A Great Deal Better campaign again gives builders and merchants alike the tools they need to maintain the Sterling job in 2017 and encourage sales. Designed to highlight SterlingOSB’s strengths in a host of general construction tasks, Norbord’s 2017 campaign comprises nationwide advertising and POS support along with PR activities in the media and in branch.

A key element of the campaign is the new improved competition. Heeding feedback from the last two years, the competition, which will run from March to October 2017, comprises weekly prizes of vouchers for holidays, tools and fun days; engaging social media activity will flow throughout the year also.

David Connacher, Norbord’s Brand and Communications Manager, comments:

“We are excited to see this new campaign rolling out to our committed, and new, merchants across the UK; it has been designed to give more winners more prizes more often. As market leader, we want to continue to provide merchants with the support they need to help their customers see the benefits of SterlingOSB. Our communications strategy over the last few years has focused on educating people about the benefits of OSB and this has resulted in more and more builders using SterlingOSB where they may have automatically chosen plywood in the past.”

Probably the most versatile wood panel product in the UK, Norbord’s SterlingOSB can be found on nearly every building site in a vast range of different applications.

SterlingOSB is increasingly finding favour in applications previously dominated by softwood ply. Whereas all ply sold in the UK has to be imported, SterlingOSB is a genuinely home-grown and sustainable product. Furthermore, unlike plywood, there are no knots, cracks or splits in OSB and its strength is consistent literally across the board.

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