Norbord product range stars in 3D animation video

Wood-based panel products are so familiar that we often don’t even notice them.

Yet, as a new 3D animated demonstration from Norbord demonstrates, products made from the company’s OSB, MDF and particleboard are indispensable in today’s built environment.

The two-minute animation is in the form of a virtual ‘fly-through’ of a modern timber-frame house in which the Norbord products that make up various elements and components are revealed as the viewer swoops through the rooms.

Norbord materials are seen throughout the house, literally from top to bottom. As we fly over the roof, we see Roofdek panels, made from Norbord’s SterlingOSB3, installed as sarking boards.

And sitting on battens fixed to the building’s concrete raft foundation is Caberdek tongue-and-groove particleboard flooring with its peel-clean protective film.

Intermediate floor decking is revealed to be Cabershield which, like Caberdek, is made from moisture-resistant P5 particleboard but features a permanent (i.e. non-peelable) protective layer.

As we travel through the building, we see the timber-frame wall structure in cross-section with Norbord’s SterlingOSB applied as sheathing – one of its most widespread applications. One of Norbord’s most versatile products, Caberwood MDF Pro, makes several appearances in the animated film.

The front door itself is made from this tough, stable and easily-worked board product, as is the panelling enclosing the understairs cupboard.

Elsewhere, various items of furniture: the elegantly veneered dining table, the sofa frame, hi-fi speaker cabinets, window-sills, wardrobe (again, with a decorative veneer) – even the toilet seat are revealed to be made from Caberwood MDF Pro.

In the kitchen, Norbord’s well-known Conti foil-faced particleboard provides the drawer and cupboard fronts.

Norbord’s basic MDF product, Caberwood MDF Trade, is the ideal material for tucked-away larder shelves. At the other end of the scale Norbord’s ultimate MDF – Caberwood MDF Industrial, which is both moisture-resistant and extra-dense for optimum machining characteristics – makes an appearance as the bath side-panel.

Modern homes rely on these flexible, versatile wood-based products to deliver a comfortable, attractive and affordable environment. Without them, life would be a lot harder! For further information on Norbord, please call 01786 812 225 or visit

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