Nuaire Adds To Ductmaster Range

The leading ventilation specialist in the UK, Nuaire, has introduced a useful extension to its already impressive, patented Ductmaster Thermal range with the new 220 x 90mm duct size offering even greater efficiency in low profile spaces.

The Nuaire Ductmaster Thermal range is now available in 125mm and 150mm round, 204 x 60mm and now the additional 220 x 90mm dimensions, giving installers the widest range of domestic ducting options and the only complete solution on the market.

Ductmaster Thermal offers a unique solution with an airtight seal formed by the connectors, negating the requirement for more sealant or tape on installations. The benefits to installers are many but significantly reduced installation time is key, along with the fact that this lightweight material means ducting installation is a one man job – reducing the costs of the work as well.

The low profile nature of the new 220 x 90mm option highlights that Nuaire’s ducting options are suitable for applications with restricted void spaces whilst maintaining a high capacity of air flow for the installation. This new ducting makes it suitable for larger buildings and whilst it has greater overall dimensions, its cross section allows it to be fitted in low profile voids making it ideal for many apartment development projects.

The higher air flow capacity means less air resistance and consequently puts lower pressure on units. Lower pressure means less noise from the system – giving the best of all worlds for the property owner. In addition Nuaire has introduced a new set of reducers that take the 220 x 90mm ducting down to 125mm and 150mm round, or 204 x 60mm, allowing neat and simple adjustment between different parts of the ventilation system. This increases the flexibility of the installation still further.

Nuaire Product Manager Wendy Thomas says:

“Ductmaster is a unique product that offers our customers a solution that is fully compliant with Part F Building regulations and provides a straightforward, lightweight solution for ducting installation in un-heated spaces. It’s designed for domestic installation and offers installers the neatest, simplest, most compliant way of undertaking the job. We’re happy to provide the design drawings, ducting take offs and the inclusion of the insulated thermal duct components, ensuring a highly efficient and high quality design that meets both building regulations and peace of mind for the customer – it’s a dream solution for installers and specifiers.”

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