Nuaire’s Q-Aire range launched

A leading ventilation specialist, Nuaire, has launched its new Q-Aire range targeting the residential new build marketplace. A winner of a number of awards in recent years, in particular for innovation in House Builder Products, Nuaire’s name is synonymous with new build ventilation design and systems.

The Q-Aire range consists of three new products that will be music to the ears of new build specifiers.

  • 1Z  – an all in one acoustic enclosure allows the ducting and an MVHR unit to be entirely encased in an aesthetically pleasing unit that importantly reduces noise and vibration.
  • The new Q-Aire Carbon Filter – allows Nuaire to offer a complete ducting solution refining traditional filtration and aiding noise reduction within the ducting
  • Q-Aire valves – a series of three new supply and extract valves that can help solve common problems with MVHR commissioning, balancing and performance.

The 1Z acoustic enclosure provides the solution to the problem of under sized ventilation units running at high duties in properties where space restriction is an issue. High ceilings and planning restrictions on overall building height can result in ducting being squeezed into shallow ceiling voids, which creates pressure on the ductwork system. These factors increase the continuous and boost running speeds of MVHR units and elevate both the in-duct and case-radiated noise generation levels. Modern lightweight wall construction tends to lack the mass to contain higher noise levels or to absorb vibration. This can result in the annoying and often frustrating transference of low frequency noise and vibration into living and sleeping areas. Nuaire’s new 1Z acoustic enclosure offers the solution to the problem.

Nuaire’s new Q-Aire carbon Filter – available in two sizes – 40l/s and 100l/s – makes Nuaire the only company to hold a carbon filter in stock for next day delivery. Its availability allows Nuaire to offer a complete ducting solution with a range of specifiable products that meet current planning obligations and refine traditional filtration, leaving home owners with a confidence in the on-going maintenance of their heat recovery systems. It’s available with an optional PM10 filter, for increased filtration.

The new Q-Aire valves are available in three versions – standard supply and extract, the V125 – filtered extract, the V125F – and the filtered extract with integral humidistat – the V125FH. The Q-Aire Supply & Extract Valve is the only lockable, filtered valve on the market and is fully compliant with the latest NHBC guidance.

The filtered extract version removes the need for a ducting cleaning regime and a requirement for access panels, because air is filtered before it enters the ducting. The valve is lockable once commissioned and even when the filter is removed and changed, once replaced it returns to the commissioned position. The Supply valve is fully lockable and features a clever deflector plate so even if it is positioned in a corner, or next to a wall, it is able to deflect air evenly across a room.

“These new products illustrate our constant thinking behind improving ventilation systems in the new build sector and show the ability we have to return to the market with enhancements on a regular basis,” says Wendy Thomas, Nuaire’s Residential Product Manager. “Despite having the leading range of ventilation equipment on the market, we don’t rest on our laurels and are constantly trying to improve our products.”

For more information, visit the company website.