Radian scores full marks for gas safety in 20,000+ homes

One of the south’s leading housing, support and care providers, Radian, scored 100 per cent for gas safety in its annual check of more than 20,000 properties.

Every year Radian’s technical services team test and service gas supplies and appliances for its thousands of tenants across the region, as required by law.

Not all households are cooperative, however, and Radian’s local neighbourhood teams in communities around the south played a vital role in making sure every property was checked to ensure residents were safe.

The 100 per cent safety check was achieved through calls and reminders to residents to allow access to make the checks as well as, where necessary, letters warning of legal action.

Gas safety is a high priority for the housing association regulator, the Homes and Communities Agency.

Bernadette Fry, Radian’s Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods, said:

“We achieved 100 per cent compliance through the sheer effort and tenacity of the neighbourhood teams working closely with both our Technical Services and our legal departments.

“We’ve met the regulatory standards and complied with the law, as well as demonstrating our proactive approach to keeping residents safe in their homes. We will keep promoting the gas safety message and tackle serial offenders at an even earlier stage.”