Radiators for life from Quinn Radiators

Specifiers and installers should recommend fitting radiators with flexible controls to make them accessible for all stages of life, according to the managing director of Quinn Radiators, which has developed its Hi-Lo Centre Tap radiator to help meet the Lifetime Homes standard.

The Government’s Lifetime Homes standard states that radiator control valves, or TRVs as they are commonly known, must be located so they are easily accessible by a wide range of household members, including those with restricted movement and limited reach.

Nick Whitwell, managing director at Quinn Radiators, explains:

“On most panel radiators, the TRVs are found at the bottom of the radiator but in order to meet the Lifetime Homes standard and a rise in three generational living, we have developed our Hi-Lo Centre Tap radiator with flexible TRV controls. This means they can be located at either the top or the bottom of the radiator, so that households can easily change the settings depending on their requirements. This is ideal for both private and social landlords, who can change the location of the controls depending on the needs of different tenants throughout the life of the radiator.”

The Hi-Lo Centre Tap has been designed to help installers and developers to meet the Lifetime Homes standard with centre connections for easy installation and flexibility of TRV location. However, it uses the same Quinn HQO technology as the rest of the Hi-Lo range, offering much better efficiency benefits than other products on the market. It features smaller water channels and more convection fins, enabling it to heat rooms quickly, giving out up to 25% more heat than similar models.

Nick Whitwell adds:

“Having a centre connection installation also helps during construction or refurbishment projects because it means that the pipework can be installed and finished at first fix, long before the radiator size needs to be determined. This also means that the investment in building materials can be spread between first and second fix. The radiators are also future proofed to work with renewable systems, such as heat pumps. With the increasing pressure to introduce renewable energy sources, this means that householders and landlords wouldn’t need to change the radiators if they decided to introduce heat pumps at a later stage.”

Research shows that after five minutes, the surface temperature of Quinn Hi-Lo radiators is up to 10 degrees higher than other like for like models. The radiators also have a unique design with a 25mm water channel. This means that, on average, they use up to 31% less water than comparable radiators, requiring less energy to heat and helping to reduce heating bills.

The Hi-Lo radiator range is manufactured at Quinn’s £130 million facility in Newport, Wales. As the only panel radiator company to not only manufacture all its products in the UK but also to source 100% of the steel from Britain as well, customers benefit from consistent quality, guaranteed supply with just a day’s notice, reduced environmental impacts and transport costs, ten year guarantees and onsite after sales technical support.